If heavy music is your passion, and you’re a curious listener, always on the prowl for new good music to listen to- then you’ve come to the right place!

Being a passionate and curious heavy music fan myself, I always search for, and listen to many heavy albums from all around the world, and from time to time I come across a really good one that gets me thinking “Hey, how come that this band has less Facebook likes than even the smallest local metalheads?”
So out of appreciation for good music, I feel it is my mission to spread the word about albums and bands I like, and share my musical taste with you!

Unlike most FB pages and blogs of this kind that invite bands to send them their materials for review and promotion, I see this blog as a “filtered”, real, unbiased (except for the natural bias of my musical taste) source of information, which focuses on providing good recommendations for the listeners rather than just promoting bands or flooding the page with rapid song posting.
Now don’t get me wrong- band promotion is a very important cause and I deeply appreciate all pages, sites and radio stations that promote unsigned/independent bands- I’m playing in one myself, after all! I use those pages as my own source of information and it is thanks to them that I get exposed to a lot of good music.
But yet again, there is another side to this: listeners want recommendations to something they would probably like. While all major magazines review things that are being promoted by record labels, and as I already mentioned, independent pages are mainly for rapid reviews or song/album posts, that’s where I come in- a place to try and introduce some “quality control”- subjective, of course- and try to present you with only the “filtered information”.

I hope you’ll find the reviews I post here to be useful, and that this blog will help you discover some great new music!

Don’t forget to share it with your friends if you like it!

A special thanks go to Denise for editing the posts, thanks to whom the posts are in English and not in Engelsk!